Anto takes inspiration from artist like Marcel Duchamp (and his found objects) Jamie Reid & Vivienne Westwood’s continuation of the Situationist movement and sedition, Barney Bubbles and the of course the Pop Artist’s like Blake, Warhol, Rauschenberg. Anto believes everything to be art- functional or useless, beautiful or ugly it’s all art as long as it evokes a reaction or emotion.  Everything is designed and develops, however in the 21stCentury it’s impossible to create something completely unique and original. It’s pretty much been done before and the best any artist can hope for, is to steal something worthwhile that will be associated with them and not the place it is stolen from! Anto hates waste and is always looking to repurpose things and give them a new life and find them a new home.  Does the world need another picture? Not as much as another guitar or shirt with a picture on it!

Anto studied Graphic design /illustration at Norwich School Of Art & Design (now Norwich University Of The Arts) graduating with a Desmond in 1999 .  The formal education process almost killed the passion he had for creativity and after only a few book cover commissions, he pretty much gave up in favour of music; until now that is!

Heading 1

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Item 1AA Sphere, Cone Cylinder

30 X 22.5cm with Mount Pen & Ink on paper

Item 2AA  Armchair anxiety

25 X 25cm (With Mount) Pen and Ink on paper

Item 3AA Rino Head

25 X 17.5cm (with mount) Watercolour pencil on paper

 Item 15: Diamond Dog

Mixed media Collage on 90X60cm canvas stretch

£60 Free P&P

Item 14:  Sex Brickstols Hand Painted Lightweight Paper Brick

£10 Free P&P


Andy Warhol Hand Pressed Print