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A songwriter, Punkfolk balladeer, multi-media artist and 21st Century totter.   

Born and raised in London by immigrant parents from Ireland that swapped the Smoke for the Swamp in 1989 and adopted Norfolk as home.  


These three locations are close to Anto’s heart and essential to his creativity. As a child his parents took him on regular holidays to Norfolk, Dublin and County Cork.

By the time he was three years old his home town was psychedelic and swinging, and into his formative years it was the center of the political, musical, fashion and artistic revolution of Punk. It’s impossible to witness such cultural change without being profoundly effected by it.


Anto uses this diverse cultural background as inspiration for his Art. He’s been a pogoing, gobbing Punk, a lazy pot smoking hairy Hippy, a bopping Rock-A-Billy, a sharp dressed mod and even a Bauhaus loving Goth!


None of it and all of it has been an influence on him, when he writes songs and designs images that are relevant today.


Yes he imitates others but always remains true to himself, and maintains in true Irish fashion, that the most important thing is having the craic! When asked what sort of music he plays, there is a mixed reaction and often a baffled look when they hear ‘Punkfolk’! 

Never judge a book by the cover.


During the Lockdown Anto mostly focusing on his love of art and produced several decorated guitars, and has written, recorded and released this song for the situation.