008 – From The Vaults


CD released 19th December 2017 first 50 orders get Ltd Edition Signed Digi-pack with 12 page booklet




LIFTING THE LID: Anto Morra on Mandolin, Bass, Guitar and Cajon

BOMB ALERT Moto Hewitt on Whistle: John Lawson on Bass

TALL STORY Dave Lake on Electric Guitar: John Lawson on Bass Julie Morrissey Backing Vocals

MARTYR Tim Chipping on Mandola: Julie Morrissey Backing Vocals

DANCE Leo Katana on Electric Guitar: Nick Klyne on Bass & Percussion Sarah O’Neill on Fiddle

FUGITIVE Sarah O’Neill on Fiddle: Jaki Alden on Flute: John Dollery on Banjo Joe & Mary on Backing Vocals

BETTER PLACE Tim Chipping on Electric Guitar & Percussion: John Lawson on Bass

STATE DEALER Tim Chipping on Electric Guitar & Percussion: John Lawson on Bass

CRAZY CHRIS’S KHOLE GLASTO Chris McCormack (and Unknown Woman) Lyrics and Vocals recorded live at Glastonbury Festival 2004

DRAGON Kate Ross on Flute: Moto Hewitt on Accordian: Jaki Alden on Cello

CHANGELESS ANGEL Lorrie Tallis on Saxaphone: Grahame Poole on Slide Trombone: John Lawson on Bass

YOU’RE NOT HERE Kerry Selwin on Piano: Moto Hewitt on Whistle

WRECKED ON LOVE Sarah O’Neill on Fiddle: Jaki Alden on Cello, Flute and Harp Julie Morrissey on Backing Vocals

HAPPY ENDING John Child on Electric Guitar: THiM Flaxman on Bass

SEEN IT ALL If you can hear something that is not credited it’s Anto Morra playing it.

In July 2017 I was introduced to sound engineer Robert Campbell by my good friend, Bob Bones. Robert has a fantastic home studio and was generously offering me some free time in it. I was eager to release something in 2017 and so jumped at the chance. I had nothing already written or prepared so I thought I’d just bang out a selection of old songs that I have never recorded properly (other than as demo tapes with bands I was in at the time they were written) and if they were good enough release them. On the 22nd of July I met Robert and recorded a handful of songs I was happy enough with the performances and the quality of Robert’s studio was second to none. Then it occured to me that this was an opportunity to get people that I was in bands with all those years ago to be part of my present as well as a few of the talented pals I have in Norfolk today. All these songs (with the exception of ‘Crazy Chris’s Khole Glasto’) were written between 1986 and 1996 at a time when my only ambitions were to have as much Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll as a young man could handle without doing himself any long term damage. I have been exceptionally lucky for someone with such an addictive and obsessive compulsive personality. While making this album I lost two freinds that I’d known since my teens and who chose a very similar lifestyle path to me. I also lost a friend that I’d got to know more recently and who was an inspiration to myself and many not only as a musician but how to live and behave like one should. This is dedicated to them. Rest In Peace my friends.

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