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Changing Direction - Lockdown lesson

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

This is my first blog on my new site. My last site vanished along with its host just before the lockdown, I'm delighted with this new one and this time I have a mailing list so please subscribe/sign up for future news and blogs.

The numerous gigs and festivals I was due to play this summer cancelled and postponed due to the Covid 19 Lockdown was shocking and most disappointing. Instead of crushing me and plunging me into despair I felt quite relieved that finally I was taking a year out something I never got the opportunity to do between school and university. Yes I have spent years on benefit but there was no real pleasure in not having work, money or means to generate any.

The situation I found myself in was that the money I was loosing from live performances I was being compensatied by the time I had to do other creative stuff and saving made from petrol costs. The time not rehearsing, travelling, socialising and networking was quite a revelation. I’ve always suffered dreadfully from FOMO (fear of missing out) but here I was for the first time with an almost trance like state without distraction. In fact it’s only now that my mania is kicking in slightly as thing slowly return to normal slightly because I still haven’t managed to get as organised as I’d like to be and I know it’s not going to be long before I’m preparing for next years festivals and rehearsing.

I have learned alot about the things I need to focus on in 2021. To develop and have a more balanced lifestyle. I’ve never really believed in just working to live. I live to work but the work I live to do is never entirely (in fact hardly ever) for financial gain but more for the enjoyment I get while doing it and the enjoyment I get from sharing or selling it.

So sadly I don’t intend to go out very much at all until it’s at least 90% safe to do so, they’ve found a cure or at least an effective treatment for this virus. Yes I miss my family & friends but believe it too risky to start singing in public again just yet and I’m quite happy to wait it out.

There are so many aspects of my life I’ve learned to appreciate more during this period of isolation. My hard working wife, the housing estate where we live and our amazing neighbours. I can walk out of my front door and in less than five minutes walk I am in beautiful rural countryside or jump in the car and in 45 minutes I could be walking on the beach at some of the most unspoiled coastline this country has to offer.

I know I am really blessed and I just wish everyone had it as easy as I do at this difficult time but in the meantime do your best to stay safe and sane. Comply with the government guidelines but don’t believe a word they say and remember Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are not the leaders just the puppets of Rupert Murdoch.

All the best and I hope to get out among you great unwashed very soon


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1 Comment

Hi Anto, good to hear from you out there in the Corona distance. I’m glad that you are feeling so positive despite these trying times. From what I have seen, on line, of your recent artistic endeavours, you are getting ever more creative. I look forward to hearing some of your new songs to find out if that flair has carried over into your music, as I am sure it has.... See you when the fog clears!

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