The opener has it all….’Baby Doll’ -is a love song like nothing I’ve heard before! While the duo declare their love for each other in a most unsentimental way, the sex drips from the speakers. With an “ear worm” of a chorus reminiscent of a 90’s Brit pop classic, if it doesn’t get endless airplay there is something wrong with the world.

British Rose’- the title track starts with a Nile Rodgers guitar funkiness sitting perfectly behind Diamontika’s sultry vocals, before bursting into a great indie rock guitar break. I won’t pretend to have the faintest idea what this song is about but when it sounds this good who cares!

On ‘Who is this girl‘ – we really hear the wonderful chemistry between these two, with their voices blending perfectly.
Surrender’- is my favourite song when I first listen to this album. It’s a sparse and dark tale of finding salvation in each other and escaping the excesses of 21st century London with a perfectly appropriate stark Billy Bragg sounding guitar backing it.

Peace And Love’- is so sexy, it’s hilarious.
It’s “Chanson” meets “Carry On” and makes you feel like you are hearing something you really shouldn’t and that makes you blush. I’ve been fortunate enough to see this performed live and it is remarkable, not only in it’s dynamics but in it’s projected emotion. It’s like something that should not be done in public and I’m quite amazed at how well it has translated to record.
Madame Moon’- can only really be described as a Psychedelic soul stomper that leads us into the gentle and emotive closing track
We Have Time‘ – and I really hope they do.

In conclusion, this is a record that I shouldn’t like! I’ve always struggled with the French accent, having been scarred by sitcom ‘Allo Allo’ as a child. I’m also dubious and suspicious about anything labelled as ‘British’, but this has redefined what I have the ability to like. Pure soulful Pop rock with all I look for in emerging music but seldom find. Along with great songwriting there is honesty and integrity in the non conformist or formulaic approach to production. At no point does this pander to market forces while at the same time being incredibly commercial sounding.
Diamontika & Jaz may not be married in the eyes of god or law but they sound like a marriage made in a heavenly recording studio. This takes everything to the limit, without tipping over at any moment. The guitar work is amazing but never becomes overzealous plank spanking and as for the vocals; they sound like no one else and that’s very refreshing. Jazz Bailey plays with his own style and sings with his own voice. Diamontika’s voice is up there with Kurt Cobain in it’s dynamics, but with a sexiness that is only found in mainland Europe from the likes of the Velvet Underground’s Nico or Marlene Dietrich and it wouldn’t be right not to mention Edith Piaf.
If there was ever a reason for Britain to keep it’s ties with Europe, it’s Diamontika & Diverse Roots. Beautiful people making Beautiful music together.
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