I feel so honoured and proud to be performing at this event and this is why…..

Ever since I attended it for the first time several years ago, I have wanted to get on the bill and this coming Sunday I will be performing a full 45 min/hour long set.  Anyone that knows me will know I do lean quite heavily to the Left politically and so I feel it a great privilege to be able to take my place on the stage with the likes of some truly great political speakers of our time such as Mick Cash (the only one I’ve had the pleasure to hear speak before),and have my say. It’s such a wonderful historic celebration of triumph by the people over those that thought they were in control.

I was 14 years old when the country I was born and raised in started to be sold off to the highest bidder, and my Irish parents were terrified by the fact that I would not keep my head down and tow the line.  I’d heard the call for sedition by Stiff Little Fingers and Jake Burns was screaming for me, and expressed exactly how I felt about the oppressive British system and the barbaric acts of Irish paramilitaries.  Nearly 40 years on I’m still as enraged by the same things but thankfully have learned to channel that, use it creatively and even laugh at the absurd hypocrisy of  those in power.  My father was a Labour voter his whole life and my father in law was a shop steward and so when I take to the stage and spew my melodic bile, it will be for them; and those I know and love that are still alive and suffering not only from disabilities and poverty, but from the stress this horrendous bunch of cold heartless slave masters pile onto the most vulnerable in our society.

Anto Morra We Are Corbyn Jeremy Corbyn Camden London 2018 Momentum Movment Labour Party

You may not like Corbyn and not feel he comes over strong enough, especially when defending himself against the accusations of Anti-semitism but that’s because he knows, as do any other true labour supporters, Jewish or otherwise; it is not Anti-Semetic to be Pro-Palestine as the mainstream media are trying to make it. I’m sure most (arms dealers and oil barons excepted), want a peaceful resolution to the conflicts in the Middle East.

Getting physically emotional and passionate is the job of performers like me, and political tyrants from history.  Corbyn wasn’t weak on Brexit, like the rest of us he doesn’t have a scooby doo what’s gonna happen, but unlike most of the other politicians he didn’t pretend to know.  I’m optimistic about the future while Corbyn is Labour leader and hope I can share some of my faith next Sunday comrades, brothers and sisters.  I hope you can make it and will come and say hello.