We nearly met ourselves coming back!  Opening for John Kirkpatrick and the whole Harry Fest proceedings was a great honour and the Atrium in North Walsham is the first proper theatre full of people I’ve ever played. The sound check was a bit of a long and painful process but we got there in the end.IMG_3171Three acts and three microphones I was the awkward one asking for 2 Guitar inputs.  It was great to perform a full set of original songs to an attentive audience that are more used to the tried and tested traditional songs.  We got some very positive feed back after the show that was reflected in CD and Book sales.IMG_0727 On Saturday while Gareth was over in Kings Lynn’s Folk On The Town digesting some LSD, Fried Pirates and Wolfswood Julie and I headed for the village of Catfield for another dose of the great John Kirkpatrick as well as the great and good of the East Anglian folk scene where Geoff Roberts’s Flying Folk Club took over Harry Fest.  It seems incredible that no matter how many people attend his nights that he always seem to get around the room twice. This is why this singers session has been packing out a different pub every month for over 25 years. There were some great performances from the usual suspects as well as some I’ve not seen before a highlight for me was Gemma Khawaja’s version ‘The Factory Girl’ as well as Harry fest organiser Brian Gaudet’s animated performance of ‘I wish there were no prisons’.  I have to also mention Monica & Diana who were not only brilliant as the occasional Ceilidh band in the bar on Friday evening but kept us all well fed and watered on Saturday.  There was some Norfolk shortcake to die for and I did my best to clear them out of it.  I wish I could have got back to Harry fest on the Sunday for fellow PunkFolkers band mate Mick Garvin’s performance with Hollowlands as well as the jig doll competitions.

Kings Lynn’s Folk On The Town Festival IMGP2703 was calling on Sunday lunchtime and a fine crowd had gathered in the Market Place to watch a fine selection of local artist perform.  Our Gareth was extremely excited to be performing all the songs he had written about the historical characters of the town in such a location and got so carried away in his performance of the burning of William Sawtrey that we both forgot to perform The Brown Lady.  There was also a very drunk chap shouting and swearing in the audience which didn’t help us much but was quite funny. Sadly Julie and I had to dash off shortly after so didn’t get to see any of the other acts.  Adrian Tebbutt did a great job organising the festival and it was great to see him and his fellow Fried Pirates in the market place. I was very pleased to see my mate Lynn Gill there as last time I saw her she was saying nothing that she likes much comes to Kings Lynn.  Lastly thank you to John Dollery and Tonia for taking the photos and making sure the drunk bloke didn’t steal any of our stuff.